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Upcoming Events

Emotion Coaching Workshops with Colleen

Colleen has several dates open this fall for Emotion Coaching workshops. Learn how to: ​

  • manage children's emotional outbursts 

  • effectively set limits on children's behavior 

  • reduce children's whining and fighting 

  • develop positive communication behaviors


Thursday August 23 11am-1pm

Saturday August 25 10am-12pm 

Tuesday August 28 6pm-8pm


Tuesday September 18 10am-12pm 

Thursday September 20 7-9pm


Thursday October 25 11am-1pm

Friday October 26 6-8 pm 


Saturday November 3 10am-12pm

Tuesday November 27 11am-1pm

Wednesday November 28 6:30-8:30pm

Cost is $40/person per two-hour workshop; register at Or grab a group of 6-8 friends and family members. Fee is waived for the organizer! 

Classes offered at Kindred Collective, 2800 Forum Blvd. Suite 4A, Columbia, MO

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