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Wellness Resources

Please check back here often, as this page will be updated as we find new resources to share


The Unforecasted Snowstorm of Feelings in the Holiday Season

Life and Play Therapy with Kate Weir Ed.S, M.Ed, LPC-S Registered Play Therapist | #56

Mama raised a quitter: How saying 'no' can help with mental health


Seeking Help 

"Everyone is going through something"


The effects of addiction on children

Resources in Columbia for people struggling with addiction

Resources in Missouri for people struggling with addiction

JourneyPure, a Tricare/VA Choice in-network drug and alcohol addiction program


Attention deficit disorder diagnoses nearly double over the past two decades 


Why kids and teens are facing more anxiety today

Study finds therapy dogs effective in reducing symptoms of ADHD

Alyssa Milano: How I Came to Terms With My Anxiety Disorder

For kids with anxiety, parents learn to let them face their fears


Severe bullying is tied to mental health woes in teens

Teens are cyberbullying themselves. Why?

Counseling Resources

When to ask for help

Helping children handle disappointment

All parts are welcome: the Internal Family Systems model of therapy

Why I celebrate going to therapy

Pediatric counseling can save a child's life

Decision Making

Younger children tend to make more informed decisions than older kids

Death and Grief


Helping children when a pet dies

The Best and Worst Things to Say to Someone in Grief


New fathers need depression screening, too

24 Little Motivation Tricks for Getting Through the Day With Depression

When postpartum depression doesn't go away


Pediatricians strengthen stance against spanking kids

Spanking in developing countries does more harm than good

Fatherhood and Mental Health

The role of dads in parenting and how it affects their mental health


Happy people have these nine things in common


How imaginary friends can help boost children's development 

Why do kids lie, and is it normal?

Evidence against physically punishing kids is clear, research says

Helping children with their feelings as we come out of the pandemic

Mindfulness and Meditation 

Three mindfulness techniques for teens (free download) 


Letting Go of Perfectionism with These Three Shifts 

Phobias and Fears

Conquering the fear of flying

Play and Play Therapy 

Study: Elementary students benefit from child-centered play therapy

The Therapy Behind Play Therapy (Counseling Today)

Why Lego has stood the test of time

Red flags in your child's play



How couples stay in love for a lifetime  (featuring Drs. John and Julie Gottman)

Children’s well-being goes hand in hand with their dads’ mental health

Self-Injury and Suicide 

US deaths from self-injury surpass those from diabetes 

Social Media/Cell Phones

Which mental health disorders are most affected by social media?

How adults' cell phone use affects our kids

The case for clear guidelines on screen time

Screen time puts teens' sleep at risk

When should kids get smart phones, and how should they use them?

How technology affects our mental health

How what you share on Facebook can make you happy

Social Networks 

Strong Social Networks May Mitigate the Effects of Childhood Adversity

How Instagram memes describe a lonely generation

Talking to Teens (It's Tough) 

Meeting teen clients where they are 

27 tips for starting and sustaining genuine conversations with teens


Traumatic Experience: 8 Misconceptions of Childhood Trauma

Traumatic memories pit two neuron groups against each other

Work and Mental Health

Managing anger at work

Britain's Prince William launches mental health website

Wraparound Care

Integrated Interventions and Why They Work

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