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About Kindred Collective


Play Therapy

Child, Teen, & Adult Therapy

Family Therapy 

AutPlay Therapy

Parenting Support & Groups


Supervision & Consultation

Presentations & Workshops

Online & In person Sessions

Who We Are 


Kindred Collective is a group of therapists who specialize in play therapy while also offering counseling for teens, adults, and parents.


We believe in the importance of creating a space where all can express themselves authentically while seeking emotional well-being. Kindred offers clients engaging and developmentally appropriate spaces to foster deep healing work.

We are open to working with individuals of all ages, races, religious/spiritual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, ability levels, and sexual orientations. We believe that all people deserve the opportunities to heal, to achieve and maintain wellness, and to express themselves in healthy and transformative ways. 

At Kindred, we are committed to continuous education and training. As part of this commitment, we offer supervision to student counselors and therapists seeking state licensure. Additionally, we extend our services to the community by organizing presentations and workshops. We believe in sharing our knowledge and mission with others.

Our Spaces

Our therapy rooms offer clients engaging and developmentally appropriate spaces to foster deep healing. Our play rooms have been thoughtfully created and crafted for play therapy by play therapists; as play is the language and toys are the words! These spaces allow children to express themselves, explore their emotions, and work through challenges in a way that feels natural and comfortable to them. 


Our Mission Statement

Kindred exists to provide a shared-space environment in which like minded professionals can collaborate and offer high-quality services, all geared toward wellness. We strive to provide a safe and welcoming space in which therapists can thrive and clients can heal, grow, and flourish.

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