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About Kindred Collective



Adult, teen & child counseling 

Family therapy

Play therapy 

AutPlay therapy

Expressive Arts Sessions

Family communication consulting

EFT and matrix reimprinting

Movement education and therapy

Essential oils education 

Family enrichment activities


Who We Are . . . 


Kindred Collective is a community of mental health & wellness practitioners, healing artists, educators and consultants. 


We are dedicated to providing a center for healing, creative expression, learning, and wellness. We work with individuals, families, and groups. We have the ability to work as solo practitioners or to work together as a team to support individuals or groups in their healing journeys. 


We each uphold the standards of our professions and practices. We engage in continuous professional development and peer supervision. We meet or exceed all expectations for licensure and/or registration in our respective fields. 


We are committed to providing a physical space that is nourishing to the mind, body and spirit. We strive to meet the unique needs of individuals and families in the format or style that is most appropriate for each circumstance. 


We are open to working with individuals of all ages, races, religious/spiritual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, ability levels and sexual orientations. We believe that all people deserve the opportunities to heal, to achieve and maintain wellness and to express themselves in healthy and transformative ways. 


At Kindred Collective, we believe in the intersection of mind, body and spirit. We provide opportunities to nourish each of these aspects of being through individual services, group experiences, and educational opportunities. 


We sell products that support our mission as well as the works of artists who are members of the collective. 

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