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Meet Our Members

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Natalie Akins, ATR, LPC
Art Therapist Registered and Licensed Professional Counselor


Owner of Creative Courage Studio LLC


Offering art therapy, mindfulness and counseling services with individuals, families and groups.  Provides therapy for all ages and abilities. Natalie has 10 years of experience in art therapy in a variety of settings. She is a licensed counselor in the state of Missouri. She is a member of the American Art Therapy Association and the Missouri Art Therapy chapter. 

Art therapy is focused on the process and can be client directed or through specific directives and assessments recommended by the therapist. Counseling modalities utilized are CBT, DBT and a person-centered approach. Natalie is also a HeartMath certified practitioner. Natalie has experience helping others discover new ways to cope with life changes, stressors or traumatic events.

Lorie Bousquet, M.Ed, Provisional LPC, Play Therapist in Training


Owner of Anchored in Wellness Counseling, LLC


After earning her Bachelors of Arts in Human Services from Columbia College in 2016, Lorie went on to graduate with her Masters of Education in Counseling from Stephens College in 2019.  She is currently a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC) and owner of Anchored in Wellness Counseling, LLC; practicing privately at Kindred Collective under the supervision of Kate Weir.


Throughout her career, Lorie has worked in a variety of healthcare settings while working towards her degree in the field of counseling.  She enjoys working with clients of all ages; having a passion for working with children and teens.  She has a heart for children in the foster/adoption system, as well as children who have been abused and/or neglected. During her graduate work, Lorie gained experience providing parenting support and working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, family changes (such as divorce).  She also acquired specialized training in play therapy and child-parent relationship therapy. 


Lorie’s therapeutic approach is person-centered using a holistic approach to counseling, looking at the whole person and possible factors contributing to the current situation.  She also incorporates play techniques to help children express themselves and heal.

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Madison Burke, Provisional LPC, Play Therapist in Training


Owner of Madison Burke Counseling, LLC

Madison graduated from Stephens College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and a Master’s degree in Counseling in 2022. She is currently a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor under the supervision of Jan Stock at Kindred Collective.


The owner of Madison Burke Counseling, LLC, she practices  privately at Kindred Collective. Madison provides individual therapy for children, teens and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD-related challenges, abuse, trauma, grief, improving self-esteem, and other life changes. She  uses an eclectic approach to therapy to suit the needs of the individual. Under the umbrella of a person/client-centered approach, modalities used in treatment may include play therapy, CBT, psychodynamic therapy, family therapy and mindfulness-based interventions. Madison’s goal is to help children reach their highest potential and to help families live more harmonious and happier lives together. Other areas of experience include: transitions and adjustments, identity development, parenting skills, and family communication. Additionally, Madison is trained in the evidence-based model to process trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

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Sara Covert 


M.Ed., Provisional LPC  

Sara is a graduate from Graceland University with her undergraduate degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology. Sara spent the next 10 years working in a variety of social work environments including emergency shelters, group homes and the ending in the school system.  After having her third child, Sara decided to stay home and raise a family adding another one to the mix! With four children, Sara focused on her family for 15 years. She decided to go back to school, pursuing her Master’s in counseling at Stephens College.  She graduated from Stephens College in 2020 with a Master’s degree in Counseling. She is completing her licensure supervision under Jan Stock at Kindred Collective! 


Sara is practicing privately at Kindred Collective through her LLC, Space to Bloom. She is currently working with clients individually, serving children, teens, and adults. Sara has a background in anxiety, depression, trauma, and adjusting to changing life events. Sara’s counseling integrates a holistic approach integrating mind, body, and spirit. She is person-centered and values the therapeutic relationship with her clients. Sara’s interests in energy work has led her to attaining Master level status in Reiki. She is interested in continuing energy work and plans on continuing to educate herself in Energy Medicine.

Victoria Day

MEd, LPC, CMA; Victoria Day LPC LLC and Embodiment LLC 

“Go only as fast as the slowest part of you feels safe to go.” - R Posin, PhD

Whether you choose to work with Victoria in her capacity as a mental health counselor or somatic movement educator, you will be offered opportunities to share your story, discover and explore your patterns, and learn new practices.  You will be supported to safely practice new ways of thinking, feeling, experiencing and acting. Individual sessions are tailored to clients and participants pace and needs.

As a clinical licensed counselor (LPC), Victoria has experience offering somatic-based, trauma-informed, resiliency-focused mental health therapy to adult individuals who present with a wide range of life challenges, including anxiety, chronic and acute health conditions, brain injury, divorce, grief, abuse and trauma.  As a clinical counselor Victoria uses the framework of traditional talk therapy as the container for your work together.  As a certified movement analyst (CMA), Victoria has experience offering individual and group sessions that invite safe opportunities to move and be moved.  As a somatic movement educator Victoria uses the framework of Laban Movement Analysis as the container for your work together. 

Jackie Esser, M.Ed., PLPC 

Owner of TravelingWithin, LLC

In collaboration with Kindred Collective 

Registered play therapist in training 

Jackie offers play therapy and counseling to children, teens, and families. Jackie has worked under Kate Weir since May of 2021 to develop her child-centered play therapy skills and continues to be under her supervision to become a registered play therapist. Jackie has her provisional license in the state of Missouri and is being supervised by Kate Weir, Ed.S., LPC-S, RPT. Jackie obtained her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Stephens College in December of 2021. 

Jackie is under ongoing supervision provided by Kate Weir, EdS, LPC-S, RPT, MO License #2011039650.

Ashlyn Gautam

M.Ed., LPC, Play Therapist in Training 

Ashlyn is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and owner of Healing Energy Counseling, LLC; practicing at Kindred Collective. Ashlyn earned her Master’s of Education in Counseling from Stephens College. 

Ashlyn offers counseling services to children, teens, young adults, and parents.  Ashlyn has experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, parenting support, life transitions, divorce, autism, stress, self-esteem, etc. 

Ashlyn practices play therapy and is working toward becoming a Registered Play Therapist; play allows children to express feelings, communicate, and heal in developmentally appropriate ways. She is an active member of Association for Play Therapy. Her work with clients is person-centered.

Ashlyn does not currently accept insurance but works on a sliding scale. 


For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 573-542-0578 or email Ashlyn at

Giving Song, LLC 


Giving Song, LLC is a music therapy practice serving central Missouri. The three pillars of our mission are to educate, heal, and empower!


Music therapy is the evidenced-based use of music interventions to accomplish non-musical treatment goals in the physical, mental, emotional, social, sensory, & spiritual domains. Music therapy can promote wellness, improve communication, enhance memory, promote physical rehabilitation, alleviate pain, manage stress and much more.  


For more information about our services please visit

Joel Harris 


LCSW, Ed.S. 

Joel has worked with children and families in Missouri for the past 20 years.  Her work experiences include the Missouri Division of Youth Services, University of Missouri Health Psychology, and Columbia Public Schools where Joel served as elementary Crisis Counselor and then School Counselor, for the past 12 years.  In addition to her work with children, adolescents, and families, Joel volunteered as a facilitator for SibShops,to support the brothers and sisters of children with disabilities, and as a peer coach with Ultramax running groups to encourage those seeking a lifestyle that incorporates emotional, as well as physical health and wellness. 


Joel strives to help her clients build upon their strengths, identify their challenges, and develop a plan that utilizes the resources in our amazing community, while supporting continued growth.   


Joel specializes in providing client- centered therapy to support children, teens and adults with symptoms of depression, anxiety, behavior disorders, addictions, eating disorders including compulsive overeating, and relational difficulties, as well as in navigating difficult life events such as divorce, grief, and trauma.  Joel also provides family therapy to support positive parenting & co-parenting, adoptive & blended families, and parenting the challenging child.  

Claire Keeler 


Licensed Professional Counselor  

Claire brings a variety of approaches, perspectives, and tools to therapy and enjoys helping people work through the challenging impacts of big and little traumas to the psyche, body, mental and emotional health. Claire has dedicated years to working with familiar but often neglected or dismissed human experiences of trauma, abuse and loss, as well as with tools, theories, Nature, narratives, and a variety of practices for healing the impacts of trauma and abuse to the psyche, emotions, mind and body. 

Claire works holistically, with a deep dedication to the wisdom of the body and the ability of the conscious mind to interpret and relate in healthy ways to one's emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and body without shame, denial or abuse. Claire also integrates a powerful understanding of nature, natural systems, as well as cultural, historical, and personal narratives into the work of therapy, with a strong commitment to reconnecting human experience to the larger interparticipatory context of the natural and social worlds. 

Xander Kennedy

M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor 

Xander earned a bachelor's degree from Truman State University and a master's degree from the University of Southern California before earning an MEd in counseling from Stephens College in 2016. 


Xander is trained as both a school counselor and professional counselor and has worked with a variety of ages.  He spent a couple years as a practicum student working in the Stephens College counseling center and in the counseling office of Rock Bridge High School.  During his studies he led groups on healthy relationships and life stage transitions.  Additionally he spent a decade working as an admissions counselor and college adviser assisting students decide upon and make the transition into higher education.  


Currently, Xander is the owner of Xander Kennedy Counseling, LLC, practicing privately at Kindred Collective. Xander provides individual therapy for children, teens, and adults. Xander has training in working with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and changing life events.  Xander believes in the power of the mind to adjust to new or challenging situations.  While primarily person-centered in his work, Xander adheres to a holistic approach to counseling, and draws from different schools of thought to assist clients.  

Molly Myers 

Certified Child Life specialist, B.S. in human development and family studies and early childhood education  

Molly Myers is a Mama on the Go. With 4 young children between the ages of 2-6 (including one with very special needs), her days are full by nature. On top of that, she is a fitness instructor with multiple certifications, including Pilates and Pure Barre. Before becoming the world’s most hands-on and energetic mama, Molly spent several years as a certified Child Life Specialist at MU’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

Molly’s oldest was born with a neurological disorder (Partial Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum). This means that he is missing over 1/3 of the middle portion of his brain. This is the portion of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres. As a result, he is globally delayed in all areas (speech, fine motor, gross motor, emotional and behavioral development). Due to these challenges, Molly has become an expert and advocate in supporting her son through these challenges. Beyond her support of her own son, Molly’s advocacy efforts have extended to the legislative arena at the state level.

Molly is in constant pursuit of wellness for herself and her family. This pursuit has most recently led her to the world of essential oils. Beyond the pure pleasure of the oils, Molly has dedicated much time and energy to learning about the healing properties and practical applications of these oils for busy families.


Molly brings to Kindred the following offerings: 


  • 1:1 Essential Oils Education Consultations

  • Essential Oils Group Classes 

  • Essential Oils Sales

  • “Pop Up” Family Enrichment Activity and Craft Sessions 

  • “Pop Up” Pilates Mat Classes 

  • Hand crafted “Take-Home” Enrichment Activity Kits

Jess Rauls 2022-09-20.jpg
Jess Rauls 

Jess Rauls, M.Ed., LPC

Owner of Resolute Counseling, LLC


Jess earned her Master’s of Education in Counseling and Community Mental Health from Stephens college in December of 2019. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and is practicing privately as the owner of Resolute Counseling, LLC at Kindred Collective.

Jess has experience working with children, teens, adults, and couples who present with a wide range of life experiences and circumstances. Her experience includes working with clients to address concerns such as stress, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, grief, life transitions, and adjusting to change or difficult circumstances. It is Jess’s belief that healing is a process, and she is ready to meet you where you are in life to help you navigate your healing journey.

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Heather Ransom 

LCSW, MSW, play therapist in training 


I'm Heather. I am a wife, a mother to two little women (or so I like to call them after my favorite book), and a clinical social worker. I have been in Columbia working in private practice for the past 4 years and prior to that I worked in various social work environments while obtaining my degree in Utah. ​

Education and Experience

I have an undergraduate degree in Marriage and Family Studies and a Masters of Social Work both from Brigham Young University. I have worked in community mental health, in the public schools, private practice, and in the prison system. In these capacities, I have gained experience working with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and trauma related diagnoses. 


I am currently working towards certification as a Registered Play Therapist under the supervision of Cate Johnston, LCSW. I am a member of the Association for Play Therapy and the Missouri Play Therapy Association, serving on the board of this organization since 2018. Building upon my play therapy skills I have taken specific trainings in Theraplay, expressive arts, and child centered play. I am a Level 2 trained practitioner in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), which is an evidence based treatment for trauma. 

Kristi Schlegel

M.ED., Provisional  LPC, Reality Therapist in Training

Kristi, the owner of Kristi Schlegel Counseling, LLC sees clients at Kindred Collective, offering individual, couple, family, and group counseling. She sees adults 18 and older and specializes in postpartum individuals and families, fertility, anxiety, depression, life transitions, personal crisis, trauma, self esteem & empowerment, relationship issues, parenting support, and grief and loss.

Jan Stock 


Licensed Professional Counselor 

I am a life-long resident of Columbia, Missouri, and received a Master’s degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology from University of Missouri.  I was married, now divorced, have two children and two grandchildren who also reside in Columbia. I enjoy gardening and spending time with family and friends, and my spiritual journey is extremely meaningful to me.  

My passion is practicing and sharing the strategies and techniques that have been life changing for me on my spiritual journey.  I had not realized the profound impact our unmanaged negative thoughts have on every aspect of our lives, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that having an awareness of our thoughts gives us an opportunity and a choice to change the trajectory of our thinking and our outlook on life.  Working with individuals on their personal journey and experiencing their transformation has been extremely rewarding for me.  I want to partner with others on their spiritual path.  I want everyone to experience the profound difference that is ours when we refuse to be held hostage to unhealthy and negative thoughts, and we choose to love and show up for ourselves.   

Kate Weir 

Ed.S, M.Ed., LPC-S, Registered Play Therapist
Owner, Kindred Collective  

Kate Weir has 13 years of experience working in the counseling profession with children, teens, young adults and families. Kate received both her Master’s and Educational Specialist degrees from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her Master’s degree is in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Community Agency Counseling. Kate is certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor (LPC) and a Professional School Counselor (grades K-12), is a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and is approved by the state of Missouri as a licensure supervisor for counselors-in-training and provisionally licensed professional counselors in the State of Missouri. 

In her private practice, Kate provides individual therapy for children, teens, and young adults. She also provides parent and school consultation and works closely with families. 


Kate enjoys helping children, teens and families who are navigating divorces, separations, and other family changes. She helps individuals and families learn to cope positively with anxiety, anger, depression, grief, and other social-emotional or behavioral issues. Kate works with children as young as three-years-old and also works with individuals into their twenties. 


As a play therapist, Kate is passionate about helping her young clients to heal and grow through play. She loves using creative, playful and expressive techniques with her pre-teen and teenage clients as well. Kate also enjoys consulting with parents about child-parent relationships and child development.

Kindred Collective Practicum Students  

Kindred is privileged to have been chosen as a site to host several practicum students throughout the calendar year. Practicum students are people working on completing a graduate degree, usually in a master's or specialist's program, who will on completion of their degree start working toward clinical licensure. 

Practicum students work at Kindred under the supervision of a professionally licensed counselor, social worker, or other mental health professional, and always work with a licensed professional on site. They can provide a variety of mental health and wellness services to Kindred clients, often at low or no cost. ​

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