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Services We Offer



Adult, teen & child counseling 

Family therapy

Play therapy 

AutPlay therapy

Expressive Arts Sessions

Family communication consulting

Essential oils education 

Family enrichment activities


Find the service that's right for you 


Kindred Collective is a community of mental health & wellness practitioners, healing artists, educators and consultants with a variety of different skills. Our goal is to offer a broad range of services to the community that will all promote wellness.  

Currently, our members offer: 

Colleen Colaner: Family strengthening sessions, targeted communication strategies, adoption-specific communication education 

Victoria Day: Adult individual therapy;  private or group expressive and functional movement education and therapy including mindfulness, meditation and movement repatterning. 

Maggie Gonzales: Individual therapy for children, teens, and adults; play therapy; mindfulness and meditation; PLPC and play therapist in training 

Joel Harris: Child, teen and adult therapy; family therapy 

Cate Johnston: Child, teen and adult therapy; family therapy; AutPlay therapy; LMSW supervision 

Jenny McGee: Art classes; Private or Group Art Expression Sessions for adults, teens, families, children and special needs. 

Molly Myers: Essential oils consultation and sales; pop-up family enrichment and craft sessions; hand-crafted take-home activity kits; pop-up Pilates sessions 

Kate Weir: Play therapy; child, teen and adult therapy; parent consultation; licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist supervision; play therapy instruction 

What if I don't know what service is right for me?

Just give us a call at 573-340-5145, or get in touch with any of the members listed above, and we can help guide you. 

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