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Story Time -- Not A Box

Story Time includes bibliotherapy activities based on popular children's books that offer insight to help the reader grow in self understanding and resolve real life issues. Each story will be displayed in the office and also posted on our Instagram @kindredkidscomo. A video of a read aloud version will also be posted on igtv so kids can follow along without the physical copy of the book.

This week's Story Time is based on the book “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis. This book is all about using imagination. The bunny’s imagination takes over with a cardboard box and transports him to a world where anything is possible. After reading “Not a Box,” we encourage you to help your child find an old cardboard box and let their imagination soar. Included are some cutouts to decorate the box with if so desired.

Imagination fosters cognitive and social development. As children play pretend, they explore relationships between family members, friends and peers to learn more about how people interact. Encouraging children to use their imagination helps them to reach their highest intellectual and social and emotional potential, and influence their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

You can download the cutouts below:

_not a box_ activity
Download PDF • 345KB

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