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Story time -- Ish

Story Time with Kindred Collective

Story Time includes bibliotherapy activities based on popular children's books that offer insight to help the reader grow in self understanding and resolve real life issues. Each story will be displayed in the office and also posted on our Instagram @kindredcollectivekids. A video of a read aloud version will also be posted on igtv so kids can follow along without the physical copy of the book.

This week’s Story Time is based on the book, “Ish” by Peter H. Reynolds. “Ish” introduces the idea of a growth mindset and teaches children that they do not need to be perfect when expressing themselves through art or other creative outlets. The main character in “Ish” loves to draw, but after being put down by his brother, he begins to think he is not good enough at drawing. His sister reinforces that he doesn’t have to be perfect to be an artist, and that all of his paintings are “ish” and that is okay! “Ish” teaches a lesson of never letting others’ opinions of you bring you down. The book also reminds us that the only way to improve at something is to keep trying.

Letting children make and learn from mistakes is very important. Perfectionism at a young age can lead to anxiety later in life. Helping them to realize they don't always have to be perfect builds resilience and is essential to growing into confident, capable, and happy adults. When children are given the opportunity to be creative and express themselves and they do so in an ish way, they are learning it is okay to not be the best at all times. Reassure that even if they do not always do the best job, they are still loved and accepted.

Question prompts for “Ish”

  1. What is one thing you are really good at? Can you do that without ever making a mistake?

  2. Why did Ramon have trouble making art after Leon was mean to him? How could Leon have been kinder to Ramon?

  3. What are some encouraging words you can say to a friend when they are struggling with artwork, school work or a sport?

  4. What does Marisol mean when she says his vase is “vase-ish”?

  5. What happens to Ramon when he starts to see the world in this new “ish” way?

“Ish” Activity 1

Step 1: Take a white piece of paper and crumple it up into a ball.

Step 2: Take 1-3 watercolors and paint the crumpled up piece of paper all over!

Step 3: Let dry.

Step 4: Flatten the piece of paper to reveal your perfect-ish artwork!

“Ish” Activity 2

Draw your own version of what Ramon Drew! Right click to save the image below, and print it out.


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