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Happy National Play Therapy Week!

The week of Feb. 4, 2018, is National Play Therapy Week, and the national Association for Play Therapy is celebrating by promoting the power of play using this video, Introducing Andrew:

One thing that you'll often hear the play therapist in your life saying is: Play is the child's language, and toys are the child's words. Play therapy works because it allows children to use the language of play -- the natural way that children learn about themselves the people around them -- to work through and resolve their own problems.

To learn more about the importance of play for all ages, check out this video from Dr. Bruce Perry about play therapy and why we're celebrating it this week:

And definitely check out our Instagram account at kindredcollectivecomo this week, or search #playtherapyweek2018 on your social media accounts to learn more about this powerful therapeutic approach for working with children.

-- Kate

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