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Focusing on kindness

Kindness. One sure way to fill your own bucket is to fill someone else's bucket full. This week, we challenge you to add a bit of a curriculum twist in your schooling at home or working from home. While faces might be covered with masks, making smiles hard to share and hands covered in gloves, reminding us to keep high fives and hugs away, our hearts are still ready to share. We challenge you to add a Kind deed to your week.., or maybe 3 or 4. KINDred is here to help you get started, consult our list or make your own, either way tag us in your kindness and let's see how far we can spread love throughout our community 💗 Molly

✨Kindness ideas✨

⭐️Chalk driveways

⭐️Create pen pal opportunities

⭐️Hand decorated hearts to hand out to mailman, cashier, bank teller, your neighbor, anyone who needs a boost

⭐️Call an elderly family member & read them a story

⭐️Invite family members to FaceTime or zoom and read bedtime stories to each other

⭐️Porch drop (coffee, books, flowers, artwork)

⭐️Create a journal to share with a friend whose heart to hearts you are missing

⭐️Call a loved one and interview them.. open your ears to hear their story

⭐️Write a letter to a friend from school

⭐️Send a selfie with a sweet sign to say hello

⭐️Hold a progressive treasure hunt, including several friends yards or family stops

⭐️Make an inspirational sign to cheer others up as they walk by your house

⭐️Make a butterfly and pass one to a friend

⭐️Host a dance party with music in your yard & invite neighbors to dance in their yards

⭐️Check on elderly neighbors, friends and family members often to see if they need anything

⭐️Hand out caught you notes inside your home to tell family members you caught them being kind

Sprinkle Kindness around like confetti and feel the love circle back to you 💗💫

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