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Story Time: I Love Monkey

Story Time includes bibliotherapy activities based on popular children's books that offer insight to help the reader grow in self understanding and resolve real life issues. Each story will be displayed in the office and also posted on our Instagram @kindredcollectivekids. A video of a read aloud version will also be posted on igtv so kids can follow along without the physical copy of the book.

This week’s Story Time is based on the book, “I Love Monkey” by S. Kaufman. This story is all about the magic of being yourself. Monkey tries to be many different things throughout the story, but realizes in the end, the best thing Monkey can be is, well, Monkey!

Self-love is a very important skill for children to learn at a young age. It is up to us to let our children know they are loved and treasured just as they are. By teaching your children to love themselves, allows them to set boundaries and create healthy relationships with those around them! Children who have a positive view of themselves are more likely to have a growth mindset, try new things, take on challenges, and cope with and learn from their mistakes. “I Love Monkey” is a wonderful story that will encourage self-love within children!

Question Prompts

  1. What is one thing that makes you unique?

  2. What are you proud of yourself for?

  3. Have you ever tried to change to fit in with someone else? How did this make you feel?

  4. Do you feel better about yourself when you do what you want to do and not what others want you to do?

  5. How can you practice self-love and confidence everyday?


For this week's activity, take time to think about what makes you, you. Then color your monkey in a way that best showcases your personality!

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