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Family Easter egg hunt ideas

We're going on an egg hunt, we're going to create a workout for the whole family! Such a fun way to incorporate exercise  into your day. Write out exercises then fill eggs. Hide them and line up the kids. Have them each hunt for a set number of eggs. Then open the eggs and cheer each other on through their treasure routine.

So many elements are bonus in this game as well for helping to serve the mission of schooling at home during this time. Sometimes, the most productive work comes in the form of play. While focusing on the element of play, here are some great by products of this game:

*practice reading by having kids read aloud their exercises

*counting practice, everyone must count the number of reps

*social skills: waiting your turn, cheering a friend on and practicing chance (I.e. You get what you get)

*music option: each child chooses their workout song.. who can find the beat

*could incorporate writing and creative thinking by having the kids create the exercise slips

*reverse the game : kids hide for caregivers

*make it silly... our favorite exercise was "jump, shake your booty, jump, jump" (the game was repeated several times just to see who could find that egg

Hoping you enjoy this game just for a fun way to incorporate exercise into your day or focus on this activity to cross a few school tasks off your list. Either way, jump into play mode and see the benefits of movement in your day too.

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