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Molly Myers


Certified Child Life specialist, B.S. in human development and family studies and early childhood education  

Molly Myers is a Mama on the Go. With 4 young children between the ages of 2-6 (including one with very special needs), her days are full by nature. On top of that, she is a fitness instructor with multiple certifications, including Pilates and Pure Barre. 


Molly graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2003 with BS in Human Development and Family Studies with emphases in Early Childhood Education in Child Life. 


Molly has made good use of her Early Childhood expertise in various settings. She spent three years working as an Early Childhood Educator local Child-Centered pre-school programs. She flexes her early-childhood muscles daily at home, as she consistently provides creative and enriching activities and hands-on learning experiences for not only her own children but for the children of friends and family members as well. Molly is known for her creative activities and fun-loving spirit. In addition to enrichment activities at home, Molly has also home-schooled her three youngest children for pre-school. 


Before becoming the world’s most hands-on and energetic mama, Molly spent several years as a certified Child Life Specialist at MU’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. As a CLS, she provided daily emotional support and advocacy for young patients and families while hospitalized or while being prepared for medical procedures. Specifically, she: served as a “translator” to help young patients and their families understand medical jargon; helped medically fragile children and teens learn coping skills and provided age-appropriate experiences and activities for the emotional enrichment of patients. 

Molly’s love of wellness that was evident in the hospital setting soon extended beyond the walls of the hospital. One of the things that Molly most loved as a Child Life Specialist was seeing patients gain self-confidence and strength. Molly’s love for helping individuals to connect with their best selves informed her desire to become both a Pilates and Pure Barre instructor. 

Molly’s oldest was born with a neurological disorder (Partial Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum). This means that he is missing over 1/3 of the middle portion of his brain. This is the portion of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres. As a result, he is globally delayed in all areas (speech, fine motor, gross motor, emotional and behavioral development). Due to these challenges, Molly has become an expert and advocate in supporting her son through these challenges. Beyond her support of her own son, Molly’s advocacy efforts have extended to the legislative arena at the state level.


Molly is in constant pursuit of wellness for herself and her family. This pursuit has most recently led her to the world of essential oils. Beyond the pure pleasure of the oils, Molly has dedicated much time and energy to learning about the healing properties and practical applications of these oils for busy families.


In sum, Molly is dedicated to motivating others to find their own strength and potential. She says: “In this crazy thing called life, it is necessary to fill one’s own bucket. I love watching that happen as people gain personal empowerment and strength in both mind and body.” Her same passion applies at home. “Each and every day I strive to foster each of my children’s interests, strengths, and desires while balancing the needs for the entire family unit” 


Molly brings to Kindred the following offerings: 


  • 1:1 Essential Oils Education Consultations

  • Essential Oils Group Classes 

  • Essential Oils Sales

  • “Pop Up” Family Enrichment Activity and Craft Sessions 

  • “Pop Up” Pilates Mat Classes 

  • Hand crafted “Take-Home” Enrichment Activity Kits

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