Sarah Portrait KLEIN.jpg
Sarah Arriagada 


M.A., Art Therapist

Owner of Mother's Well, An Art Space for Perinatal Wellbeing

Sarah Arriagada has her master's and bachelor's degrees in fine arts from the University of the Arts Berlin and her master's in art therapy from the Berlin-Weissensee School of Art. She is the owner of Mother's Well, An Art Space for Perinatal Wellbeing. 

Starting a family, being pregnant, giving birth and caring for a baby are unforgettable moments that are experienced holistically and intensely over a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, a wild mixture of emotions ranging from joy to confusion, fear to uncertainty, anger to grief, hope to worry, independence to a feeling of inadequacy, arises and can leave us feeling unsettled or even overwhelmed, whether it is our first baby or not.


Becoming a mother, we experience a transformation of our body, identity, environment and ultimately of our being. At the same time, we’re faced with the responsibility to care for a small and vulnerable human being. While constantly reassessing our child’s needs, meeting our own can feel like a luxury that we can’t afford. We need time (and sometimes money) and for sure the support of others to do so.

As we lack sleep, time for ourselves or with our partner, we undertake tremendous efforts on a day to day basis to stay on the ball. While we continuously draw from our resources, it is important that we nourish them regularly to not burn out.


Mother’s Well is an art space that offers an opportunity for women in and after pregnancy to reconnect in awareness with their inner strengths and abilities and to nourish them intentionally to cultivate a sense of peace and happiness through self-care and explorative art making.

Mother’s Well also offers women who have experienced pregnancy loss, abortion, stillbirth and infertility, who have adopted, are step-parenting, and have gone through a gender transition a space to process and heal.