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Amazing summer camp for youth with special needs

Hello friends! Giving Song, an amazing group of music therapists here in town (who are also part of the Kindred tribe) is offering a creative arts summer camp for kids with special needs starting on June 18.

The camp runs for six weeks with a break in the middle, followed by a student showcase on week 7 where campers can show off what they've learned. Each week covers a different set of skills for campers: friendship, health and wellness, mindfulness, emotions, communication, and leisure skills.

Music, art and movement are all involved and adapted to the needs of the camper, and two classes cover kids 7-12 and 13-17.

The cost of the camp is $200 per attendee, but as it qualifies for Recreational Therapy, Boone County Family Resources may be able to assist with tuition.

If you're interested in this amazing resource for your kid, or a kid you know, please check out the link above for more. And feel free to share this widely on your social media -- we want more people to know about it!

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