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Kristi Schlegel

M.ED., Provisional  LPC, Reality Therapist in Training

Kristi, the owner of Kristi Schlegel Counseling, LLC, sees clients at Kindred Collective, offering individual, couple, family, and group counseling. She sees adolescents and adults and specializes in postpartum individuals and families, fertility, anxiety, depression, life transitions, personal crisis, trauma, self esteem & empowerment, relationship issues, parenting support, and grief and loss.


Overcoming life transitions, loss of a parent, and secondary infertility, plus her 20 years experience as an educator and another 10 providing community-based services, adds to Kristi’s global perspective on issues that we all face from time to time. 


Kristi understands seeking therapy can be a daunting task and often people are unsure about entering a relationship with a therapist. She realizes change is possible when a person feels accepted, validated, and safe. Her approach to therapy is based on client need and is client centered with a strengths based perspective. She meets the client where they are and walks along side on their journey to healing and serenity. She believes collaboration with her client is the key to customizing a plan for your path. It is her belief that with the right support and tools one can gain confidence and start their healing journey. It’s her passion to help clients overcome challenges. 

Kristi is a certified postpartum support specialist.


Kristi currently does not accept insurance but works on a sliding scale for payment. 


Contact Kristi today to get started on your journey at 573-246-0865 or

You can also contact her at her personal website, 

Kristi works under the supervision of Ann Forsee, LPC, Missouri License #002016. 

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