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Colleen Colaner 


Adopting Communication, LLC 

Family Communication Education Services

I provide family communication education services in individual and group settings to support parent-child communication and romantic/marital communication. In my role as a family communication educator, I translate findings from academic research to everyday family relationships. This work is not therapeutic in nature, as I am not a counselor or licensed therapist. Rather, I present families with communication strategies, skills, and scripts to strengthen their relationships with one another. 


Family scholars have demonstrated time and time again that the way we communicate with each other matters. Small changes in the way we talk and listen can result in big changes in our relationships. I can help your family develop constructive and productive ways of talking to encourage connection and minimize conflicts. 


Simply put, CHANGE YOUR TALK, CHANGE YOUR FAMILY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE by adopting communication.


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Evening and Friday morning sessions available. Email to book your session:


Specific services include: 


One-on-one targeted communication sessions: 

• Parent-Child Communication 

• Romantic Relationships

• Adoptive Family Communication


Group workshops: 

• Emotion Coaching your Child

• Bringing Baby HomeTM 

• 7 Principles for Making Marriage WorkTM

• Custom communication workshops


Family-strengthening Art Projects: 

• Family art night

• Family motto, metaphor, and image creation

• Co-creating a positive communication culture

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