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Chelsea Olson 


Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Through adversity and mysterious illnesses, Chelsea has discovered her passion for the healing arts through her own life experience. After receiving a shoulder-shrug of diagnoses, Chelsea discovered profound healing benefit through the practices of yoga, nature, diet, and lifestyle reformation. She primarily taught herself these arts and sciences, and then followed with formal academic education.


Chelsea holds an E-500RYT designation- one of the highest levels a yoga teacher can hold. She is also a trauma-informed yoga teacher, Ayurvedic nutritional counselor, and offers lifestyle coaching through the yogic and Ayurvedic lens. She is currently working towards her 1,000 hour Yoga Therapy training to complete the highest level of training accessible.


With a Bachelor's in education, Chelsea's mission is to educate people on the art and science of self-healing, to empower our culture to prioritize healthy living for our Selves, our community, and for our planet. Whether it's anatomy of the shoulder girdle, or the resistance to setting boundaries, she believes that the best place to start- is within.